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Canonical and Ubuntu


Currently employed at Canonical Ltd. as a Software Engineer. Member of the Ubuntu Foundations team, working on Ubuntu devel and stable releases.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Software developer professionally and privately, most experienced in C, C++, Python, Java, shell and Linux kernel development. Interested in embedded systems, operating system design, user experience programming and usability topics.

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Long term iaijutsu practicioner of Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu Komei Juku, current Dojochou (leader) of Gliwice of Honbu Dojo Żory. Ex Wing Tsun kung-fu trainee, currently a Taekwondo ITF student - interested in martial arts in overall.

Łukasz Zemczak. sil2100 of team Vexillium.

To contact me you can either send me an e-mail or find me on - most of the time I'm usually around on #ubuntu-devel with the sil2100 IRC nickname.

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Łukasz Zemczak
Place of residence
sil2100 at

Place of employment
Canonical Ltd
Software Engineer
Launchpad profile

Silesian University of Technology
Scientific Degree
Master of Science (MSc.)
Finished Course
Macro-course: Automatic Control and Robotics, Electronics and Telecommunications and Computer Science
Master Thesis
Flatconf 2.0 configuration system
Ubuntu Core Developer
Ubuntu DMB Member
Ubuntu Archive Admin
Ubuntu Release Member
Ubuntu SRU Member

TOEFL iBT score: 110/120
Google Summer of Code 2007 successful student: project Haiku - BeOS legacy .pkg package installer


Technical: embedded system design, GNU/Linux programming, C/C++ programming, the Haiku operating system, Linux device driver programming, kernel hacking, usability topics, Python 3, Java SE, JavaScript, network programming, the Qt4 and Qt5 Framework, QML, Android Java API, mobile systems programming, Debian packaging, JavaScript (jQuery).

Non-technical: Drawing, iaijutsu, kenjutsu, wushu, martial arts, Japan, interesting things.

Martial arts

Komei Juku, Honbu Dojo Żory: Dojochou of Gliwice (instructor)
Wing Tsun, 2nd Student Degree
Taekwondo ITF, PZTKD: 8 Geup (Yellow Belt)



  • ASNLibs - a set of useful multipurpose libraries, author of libscgi and libkinput.
  • Lintrack - kernel maintainer, though the project is currently stalled.
  • Flatconf - a 'flat' system for software configuration, one of the co-developers of Flatconf 2 solutions.
  • Appmenu Qt5 - support for Ubuntu global menu bars for Qt5.
  • Landing Team Tools - useful tools for cooperating with the now deprecated Ubuntu Touch landing/image ecosystem.


  • Haiku - a BeOS compatible open source operating system (as a frequent contributor and GSoC student).
  • Maliit - a great on screen keyboard framework, contributing mostly to Ubuntu/Ubuntu Touch support.
  • Compiz - a plugin-based OpenGL compositing manager used by Ubuntu Unity.
  • Unity - the graphical shell used by Ubuntu (up to 17.04).
  • Ubuntu - I'm involved in the release process of Ubuntu packages from 12.04 owards. Currently also an Ubuntu Core Developer and release team member.
  • Ubuntu Touch - involved in various components of the phone and tablet versions of Ubuntu (now deprecated).
  • Autopilot - a functional testing framework used by Ubuntu Unity.
  • Ubuntu Keyboard - submitted many changes and fixes for the Ubuntu Touch OSK.
  • CI Train and - one of the old maintainers of the CI Train and related tools, current Bileto maintainer.
  • Ubuntu System Image Server - helping out with managing the system-image server code.
  • Ubuntu Image - current maintainer of the ubuntu-image image building tools.
  • Netplan - co-maintainer of the netplan project.
  • (...)



The things I take up on this web-log vary in the level of difficulty from beginner to more advanced topics. I simply use this place as a vault for things I encounter and find interesting, hoping someone finds it useful sooner or later. Also, remember that everyone makes mistakes. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me however you feel fit.

All the artworks and materials on this web-page have been created by me (with a few exceptions). If you wish to use any of them somewhere in public, feel free to do so - just leave my signature intact or state me as the author in a visible place. You can always contact me beforehand if something bigger is involved. Thanks.