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Welcome to my personal web page

Art Section

Art Section Gallery

Here you can find some of the drawings and artworks I do in my free time. My skills are self-learned and limited, mostly targetted at manga-style inspired character design. Please be advised that a large number of my drawings features erotic elements, so they might not be acceptable for ages below 18.

For drawing I use an old Wacom Bamboo One tablet with GIMP, currently utilizing its smooth stroke functionality to even-out the inacurracies and jittered lines - which explains the better line-quality in my recent artworks. Throughout the years I utilized a specific style and, even though I try working with color, my speciality is in linearts. I wish to be able to color my drawings like professionals in the future, but there is still a really long road ahead of me.

This is only a small part of my collection, which I will try to update whenever possible. Stay tuned and please enjoy my amateur art.