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Atom feed added

Quite recently, I was asked by a colleague to maybe include an RSS feed on my web page. I thought that it might not be a bad idea, considering that I am not doing updates too frequently. So I added an Atom Feed for the development part of my web page. Since I am not using any CMS system here - only some minor PHP scripting help - having a small amount of time, I decided writing a quick Python app converting my HTML content into an Atom web feed XML file.

2011-04-13 22:57

Putting aside the question why I do not want to use CMS for my web content, the Python script I prepared is really, really badly written. I probably shouldn't even post it here, but since it works, maybe at least one person will find it a bit useful. For parsing, I used the HTMLParser module (known as html.parser in 3.0). The script works as a very naive finite state machine, looking for particular div's and other HTML tags I use and fetches their contents respectively. One day I might clean it up and make it better. For now, something that just works is fine.
You can check out this ugly piece of Python code [here].
UPDATE! It seems the server had some problems with serving files with the .py extention. Now the download should work correctly. I apologise for the problem.

In the nearest update, I will also add an Atom feed for the art section of my web log. Stay tuned.