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(Haiku Blog-O-Sphere) Bits and Pieces: Notifications and Menu Builders

During the weekends, I'm working on enhancing a very old BeOS application long lost in time. While browsing the Haiku kit and application source tree, sometimes I stumble upon some new (at least for me) but also interesting small elements that the Haiku operating system added to the Haiku API during its development. I like to try these elements out. Most of these API additions might change or even disappear in the nearest future, since I understand their development process is not yet finished, but they're interesting to know nevertheless.
Come visit my Haiku Blog-O-Sphere page and read my new blog-entry - Bits and Pieces: Notifications and Menu Builders.

2011-07-27 20:09


I finally added a new post to my long forgotten Blog-O-Sphere. Oh, and go give Haiku a try while your at it. It's worth it. Thank you and stay tuned!