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Gone Canonical

Today's post is more private-life related than the others, but still in some means technical. I am proud to inform that I have officially joined the Canonical team as a Software Engineer! From now on, I will help enhancing the overall Ubuntu experience, mostly working on their flagship Unity environment.

2011-09-08 19:11


I intend contributing to the Ubuntu community as much as possible, earnestly carrying out my new responsibilities. Time will tell how well I will do. But I hope for the best! Right now I'm preparing everything that is needed, since my work will commence on the 19th of September.

Using the occasion, I would like to thank the whole ASN team for everything up to now. It was great working with you people, these few years were really magical. Anyway, these guys can do real magic with technology! So remember - if only you're looking for someone to code something for you, ASN is probably the best choice there is. There is no challange too big for this team.
I'll miss working with you! But no worries, I'll be around. Watching!