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Open Source Days. DWO 2015

A quick post this time. A week ago I have briefly attended an open-source conference in Bielsko-Biala, Poland. Due to a Canonical sprint overlapping, I was only able to arrive for the last day - Sunday, so I missed out on many interesting presentations. But at least I was able to meet some very interesting people and do a short talk about the Ubuntu Touch release process, quickly overviewing what tools we use and what processes we follow.

2015-04-28 00:19

Ubuntu Touch Talk

The Polish Open Source Days (Dni Wolnego Oprogramowania) is a conference hosted every year in the town of Bielsko-Biała focused on open source development. This year's edition took place from the 17th to the 19th of April. Various experts and hobbists are invited to do presentations and workshops regarding different open-source related projects and topics. There's not too many conferences like this in Poland, so it was really nice to see how many enthusiasts attend and want to share/expand their knowledge. There were also many funny attractions like drone racing competitions (which I missed as they took place on Saturday) and an exhibition of machines from the museum of the history of computers and computer science. Anyone (especially younger audiences) could play old-school games on old-school devices - so nostalgic. And of course: the overall attendence is free.

A group picture of everyone attending the last day

I made a short presentation about the Ubuntu Touch release process. I briefly mentioned about all the phases an image needs to go through before it gets promoted to the stable channel, said a few words about image channels and the Ubuntu archive and overviewed tools like the CI Train and the autopilot smoketesting. There was not enough time to go into the details, but the general feedback afterwards was really nice. I was really happy to see so many satisfied Ubuntu users too. There was even one person running Ubuntu Touch on his Google Nexus 4!

You can find the presentation slides here - sadly only in Polish. The same week we also had a very intense Canonical sprint in Austin, Texas, so I didn't have that much time to refine the slides, apologies for their roughness. Either way I intend to fully attend the next conference, so the graphics should be much better that time.

Big thanks to the organizers (Mikstura.IT) for hosting such an awesome conference and also for inviting me to this fantastic event. Maybe we don't have a big, well organized formal Polish Ubuntu Local Community, but at least now I know we have a lot of talented people interested in the development of the Ubuntu platform. Meeting and talking with you gave me a real positive boost - I hope next time we might even have a Canonical/Ubuntu booth setup for the time of the event. Thanks and see you next time. Keep on rocking everyone!